Frequently Asked Questions

I am travelling with a friend, can we apply for K-ETA together?


One applicant can apply for up to 30 people, such as family members, and can proceed with the K-ETA payment as well.

The K-ETA results for each person will be sent to the applicant’s e-mail.

Each applicant can also check the K-ETA approval status

with the application number and passport number on the K-ETA official website.


Do I need to get a K-ETA every time I visit Korea?

No. Once you are approved of a K-ETA, you do not have to apply for 2 years.

However, if the passport used for the K-ETA application expires in less than 2 years,

that K-ETA approval will be valid until the passport expiration date.



How can I check my K-ETA results?

K-ETA approval results are sent to the e-mail address which the applicant provided upon application.

You can also check your K-ETA approval status with your application number on the official K-ETA website.


I received K-ETA approval with incorrect information. Will I be allowed to enter Korea?

You may face disadvantages such as entry denial.

Please re-apply for your K-ETA.



What do I do if I made a mistake on the application form?

Before submitting your application, you will be able to correct any mistakes that you made.



What happens if I submit false information on the K-ETA application?

In case of submitting false information, the K-ETA approval will be refused or cancelled,

and that person may by subject to penalties or face entry restriction according to relevant Korean laws.


How will my photo and personal information that were provided upon application for the K-ETA be used?

Information provided for the K-ETA application is collected in accordance

with Article 7-3 (Electronic Travel Authorization) of the Immigration Act and

Article 8-3 (ETA Issuance Criteria) of the Enforcement Regulations of the Immigration Act.

Collected information will be stored in the Immigration Control Information System,

and may be disclosed to other government agencies of the Republic of Korea

in accordance with relevant domestic laws and regulations.


How long does it take to apply for a K-ETA?

It will take approximately 10 minutes.


Does my identification photo (face image) for my K-ETA application have to be the same as my passport photo?

No. It does not have to be the same photo, but should comply with the following conditions.


- Should be in color

- Should be in image file such as JPG

- Image size less than 100KB

- Pixel density less than 700*700

- No accessories such as hats, scarves, or sunglasses

- Recommend less colorful patterned clothing

- Full face, front view (75% of the image), eyes should be open looking straight at the camera.



If I have a K-ETA, am I allowed to work in Korea?

No. You cannot engage in profitable activities in Korea with a K-ETA.

You must obtain a separate visa that allows you to work and participate in employment activities in Korea.


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